Perpetual Sadness
I was very aware of his fame, and I had only seen him for Water for Elephants, which I really enjoyed, and I really enjoyed him in it. That head is just incredible really isn’t it? That face really. And the sensitivity, it’s a beautiful sensitivity. And when David mentioned that he was interested in him for the role, and I went, ‘Oh wow, okay,’ because I think the vulnerability was something that was really crucial for me as far as I was concerned. And I didn’t want it to be, not that I am a big brute of a guy, but I didn’t want it to be too equal; I wanted it to be obviously top heavy, so that people would feel sorry for him if I really took it out on him. And I wasn’t aware of how good he was going to be, to be honest. Not that I didn’t think he would be, but certainly, on that second day, when I was watching some stuff on the monitor, and he did that scene where he crawled out of the truck and he was sitting against the tree at the beginning and he had just been shot and watching the way he was sort of trying to work out how he was going to deal with this situation, I just found it heart-breaking. So it was a great moment for me, to be honest and it just got better and better as far as I was concerned. So, it was exciting because one, you forget about all the fame business and you concentrate on the work that you are doing, but just to kind of work with somebody who is really delivering is fabulous, it’s always been inspiring.
― Guy Pearce talking about Rob (via arobsessedgirl)
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I can’t believe people are actually hating on Messi because he seemed indifferent towards the Golden Ball Award. Leo doesn’t care about individual awards; he cares about his team. He’s not going to stand there and smile after they had just lost in the World Cup Final and while his teammates are in tears. Have some respect.

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Messi came to the German’s lockers and congratulated each one with tears in his eyes.

German Journalist

But he’s arrogant and disrespectful right?

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